Adobe Cow The new Adobe Production Studio brings together the latest and greatest versions of After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition and Encore DVD -- joined by the new Adobe Bridge -- in a powerful system that leverages a new and gracefully orchestrated interface with a level of integration previously unmatched by any toolset. Imagine taking your After Effects compositions and having them on your Premiere Pro timeline -- no more rendering AE animations and importing them into Premiere. Need to remove a sound from your audio file? Open it in Audition and use Photoshop-like lasso tools to visually select areas of your waveform and remove or enhance areas of your sound, visually -- levering the tactile interface knowledge that many users enjoy from years of using Photoshop. Bring it all into Encore DVD where all elements of your After Effects, Premiere and Audition files are live and easily tweaked to perfection using the new fully-integrated Adobe interface. Each program interacts with the new Adobe Bridge to access various media assets and files. After Effects 7 Tutorial In this tutorial, contributing editor, Mylenium (right), explores the new After Effects 7. In a no-holds-barred look at AE7, Mylenium looks at what did make it into AE7 and what he wished had made it in, as well. But even without some of Mylenium's own personal wants making it into version 7, he still gives the new After Effects 7 a 4-1/2 Cow rating and says that Here's David's report... click here to read Mylenium's review Premiere Pro 2 Review In this review, contributing editor, forum leader and Adobe Certified Expert, Aanarav Sareen (right), reviews Premiere Pro 2, Adobe has released a major release in their Adobe Production Studio and Aanarav, an Adobe Certified Expert in Premiere, gives us an overview of the new Premiere Pro 2.0. In this review, Aanarav gives Creative Cow members a look at the many new features like powerful multi-cam editing (that use nested sequences), native HD-SDI support for the AJA Xena HS card, and expanded native format support that includes SD, HD, and HDV. He also gives special emphasis to the new interface and integration capabilities -- areas which take the new Production Studio tools to a level of seamless integration that no suite of tools in this industry has enjoyed before. Click here to read Aanarav's review Video Tour of the new Adobe interface In this review, contributing editor and forum leader, John Dickinson (right), takes users on a video tour of the new Adobe interface and shows how this new interface -- which is now universal across the gamut of Adobe design tools -- will simplify tasks for users and speed productivity. Click here to watch John's video tour

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