COW Report: NAB 2013: AJA Video Systems

Creative COW by Debra Kaufman

Everything in AJA Video Systems' booth at NAB 2013 was "real and shipping," said President Nick Rashby. "The conundrum of NAB is that you want to satisfy people with exciting new products," he said. "But now everything we announce at NAB is real. We hope to have new significant product announcements all year long."

Ki Pro Quad

The company introduced its Ki Pro Quad, a new solid-state portable video recorder for 4K camera-to-editorial workflows with Apple ProRes and RAW data. In a 4K production, Ki Pro Quad serves as a central gathering point, inputting camera signals and simultaneously creating 4K ProRes files, outputting to 4K and HD monitors and recording RAW data to a Thunderbolt-enabled computer/storage system. Among the Ki Pro Quad's features are support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 recording at HD and 2K resolution and real-time scaling from 4K/Quad HD to 2K/HD.

Other features include hardware-based real-time RAW debayering (recording to 4K resolution Apple ProRes 444 or ProRes 422 files) and real-time scaling from 4K to HD; and 4K workflows for the Canon C500 and Sony F55, and HD workflows any SDI-capable HD camera. Ki Pro Quad creates low-bandwidth ProRes files up to 4K resolution that can be offloaded to any Thunderbolt-enabled Mac via AJA's new PAKDock Thunderbolt and USB3 reader. Ki Pro Mini owners can also easily transition to Ki Pro Quad for remote control, automation, and mounting options. Ki Pro Quad is priced at just under $4,000. AJA PAKDock, AJA Pak SSD media, and Ki Pro Quad mounting options are now also available.

ROI Mini-Converter

AJA's ROI Mini-Converter enables conversion and real-time scaling of computer DVI-D and HDMI outputs to baseband video over SDI. Features include DVI-D and HDMI-to-SDI for high-end computer signal integration; Region of Interest scaling control for selective source screen isolation and resolution matching; DVI-D loop through for SDI signal conversion while maintaining DVI-D monitor connection; control and UI via free AJA MiniConfig software; audio embedding in SDI output via analog 3.5mm connector input; frame rate and aspect ratio conversion; and genlock input for locked SDI output. The ROI Mini-Converter is priced at just under $1,000. read more...

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AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K, Quad HD, 2K, HD Solid State Recorder $3,995.00 AJA ROI Region of Interest Mini Converter $995.00

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