COW: Vegas Pro 11 powers up!

Creative COW by Debra Kaufman

Sony Creative Software brought a significant improvement in processing power to its latest upgrade of Vegas editing technology. Vegas Pro 11 takes full advantage of OpenCL - the first Windows-based nonlinear editing system to do so - supporting the open standard for core video editing operations, video effects and rendering.

"Our customers wanted speed," says Sony Creative Software Director of Product Marketing Michael Bryant. "What we heard most in the last round of working with our customers was they wanted to know how to speed up the overall performance and rendering time. We brought that request to our engineering team and put them to the task."

"We're very cognizant of the fact that our customers are working professionals on a budget," Bryant adds. "Our goal was to supply them with increased performance during editing and speed in rendering without asking them to go out and buy a piece of gear that costs thousands of dollars."

One of Vegas Pro 11's core features is its ability to leverage GPU acceleration by working with OpenCL-supported devices from AMD and NVIDIA. The result is a tremendous improvement in speed for the entire workflow, including core video processing engine, video effects, transitions, compositing, pan-crop, track motion and encoding. read more...

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