Create a Network ID/Glass Bug in Adobe CS3 for Final Cut Pro 6 Projects

AE CS3This is one easy way to create a transparent version of your company signature or logo for importing into a Final Cut Pro 6 project. Step 1: Access Document Presets in Photoshop CS3

Access the document presets by navigating to the Photoshop top menu and choosing File, then New. In the Preset field, click the arrows to reveal the preset options and choose Film and Video. Under the Film and Video option, you can now access document presets for NTSC, PAL, and HD video, complete with safe overlays and non-square pixel support. Non-square pixel documents let you build graphics for your video programs that match the correct frame size. In this exercise, I’m creating a 720 x 480 document to match my sequence in Final Cut Pro. In the size field, choose NTSC DV. Set the Background Contents to Transparent; this lets you key the image over your video. Give the document a name and click OK in the dialog box. read more...

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