Create Gradient Blurs in Avid Media Composer

Studio Monthly by Matt Feury, Senior Product Marketing Mgr. Advanced Post Products, Avid Technology, Inc. avid Graduated blurs, often seen in music videos and commercials, have become a popular stylistic effect. Blurring the lower third or half of the screen can work on many different levels, from helping titles and graphics pop or directing the viewer’s eye to a specific part of the screen. STEP 1: Create a matte key Start with a simple timeline that has just one video track. In our example, we have a close-up of a B-17 bomber. The first step in the process is to create a matte key that will be the foundation of our blur. Under the Key category of the Effects Editor palette you will find AniMatte, a set of intraframe tools for creating custom matte shapes. Apply the AniMatte effect directly to the clip you want to blur. read more...

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