Create Star Wars-Style VFX with HitFilm

This article explains how HitFilm VFX software can help you create your own epic effects - whether you are a pro or just getting started. FXHome HitFilm is an affordable effects editor with an abundance of 2D and 3D visual effects.

HitFilm 3 Express Special Edition Offers Star Wars-Style VFX

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) When it comes to offering visual effects for science fiction movies (especially one in particular from a galaxy far, far away), the Force is strong with HitFilm. That’s because they’re offering free plugins for Star Wars style special effects for their free version of HitFilm 3 Express, and if you like what you see, there’s more where that came from, sweetheart. (Have you seen The Force Awakens yet?!)
It is a time of unprecedented creativity. Rebel filmmakers, striking from their basements, have struck a major blow against the tyranny of expensive visual effects. Evading the dreaded movie making software forced upon citizens by the evil Empire, a group of freedom fighters have established a new haven for creative filmmakers. The Rebels are now arming a new generation of filmmakers with HITFILM 3 EXPRESS, a single weapon powerful enough to create an entire film (imagine it in a Star Wars style credit crawl)…”
Hitfilm is a popular visual effects package for many online filmmakers, including Ryan Connolly from Film Riot and Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital. Even Freddie Wong and the gang at RocketJump used HitFilm to create their professional grade visual effects for Video Game High School (VGHS). So, to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the rebels at Hitfilm are offering force lightning and lightsaber effects plugins for their free “special edition” of HitFilm 3, to give rebel filmmakers who want to play in the Star Wars sandbox a taste of just what they can do with the HitFilm platform.
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