Create Studio-Quality Soundtracks with iZotope RX 3 Audio Repair Toolkit

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From what I’ve seen and heard from Media Composer editors, audio repair has always been a bit of a tricky thing. Most people just do the usual “I’ll let audio post fix it”. But, what if YOU are the audio post? Well, more and more these days, Media Composer editors are wearing multiple hats, and audio engineer is definitely one of those hats, if your production doesn’t have the budget for an audio mix. In most cases, you find yourself trolling the internet looking for audio plug-ins to help you with your restoration needs, or you’re exporting all your bad audio to fix in a separate program. What a pain! Well, fear not Avid editors, iZotope is here to help with just about all the audio restoration tools you’ll need. If you were at NAB, you could check out their booth on the show floor, but if you attended SuperMeet 2014, you were in for a real treat. Bob Bronow, who is the sound mixer for the hit TV show, World’s Deadliest Catch deals with HORRIBLE audio on a daily basis, and he walked everyone though his workflow, showing how software like iZotope RX 3 Advanced can give you instant results…even if you’re not an audio expert. But let’s get back to what iZotope excels at. Fixing your audio problems.

NAB 2014: Create Studio-Quality Soundtracks with iZotope RX 3 Audio Repair Toolkit
As I mentioned in the introduction, there has been so many times that I’ve found myself exporting audio from my Media Composer timeline and going into programs like Adobe Audition (Mac) or Sound Forge (Windows) to fix up audio issues, like clicks/pops, noise, hum, and a host of other issues. Not only was this time consuming, but I then ended up with multiple clips of the same piece of audio. There was the “uncorrected” clip, the corrected clip, and to be honest, it just became a huge mess in my projects.

Thankfully iZotope has brought Avid editors a way to fix their problem audio right inside their timelines quickly and easily in the form of iZotope RX 3 Advanced. How you access the audio filters is the same as how you would access any other audio plug-in inside of Media Composer. With your audio tracks selected, simply navigate to TOOLS > AUDIOSUITE, and then simply choose the audio effect you want to apply. read more...

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