Create Virtual Multi-Camera Productions with Epiphan Pearl 2 and a Single 4K Camera

Epiphan Pearl 2 is the next generation live production and streaming device from Epiphan. In this tutorial by Victor Doubrovine, you'll learn how you can take a single 4K camera and create a virtual multi-camera shoot using the Pearl 2.

How to Create Virtual Multi-Camera Production Setups With a Single 4K Camera

With only a single 4K camera and encoder with 4K capture capabilities, you can easily tap into the power of a traditional multi-camera setup for a fraction of the cost. The new age of 4K is here. Although most practical streaming setups are still happening at 1080p or 720p due to bandwidth limitations, 4K video has much more to offer than a simple upgrade in pixel density. When frame size requirements for streaming and recording are Full HD or HD, 4K technology actually has the ability to reduce the cost and complexity of creating multi-camera setups for live video production. 108836-virtual1-org Virtual Multi-Camera Overview re 1, below) employ several different video cameras to simultaneously record or broadcast video content to viewers. While advantageous for capturing different shots within a filming location, this style of camera set-up can consume significant resources—specifically with respect to set-up time and the number of operators/technicians required to operate the cameras and control the live stream. Figure 1. A traditional multicam setup Luckily, the affordability of 4K technology allows producers to mimic traditional multi-camera production setups without needing to incur additional costs for more cameras and personnel. By pairing a single 4K camera with a live production encoder capable of cropping, live switching and capturing 4K signals, you can create a powerful solution that mirrors the benefits of a traditional multi-camera setup. These types of production setups, called virtual multi-camera (or virtual PTZ), work by using a 4K camera to take a single shot of an area and then using the cropping features of the 4K encoder. These features allow you to create multiple custom 4K-quality shots using only a single 4K camera (Figure 2, below). 108837-virtual2-org Figure 2. Virtual multi-cam setups have the power to replicate a traditional multi-cam setup with only a single camera. [Continue Reading...]

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