Creative Cloud Updates on Tap As David Fincher Adopts Adobe Premiere Pro

StudioDaily by Bryant Frazer

Adobe has announced the next slate of feature upgrades for its Creative Cloud video applications, including a new workflow allowing text in After Effects compositions to be edited from Premiere Pro, new effects to help users pull better keys in After Effects, and Typekit integration with Premiere Pro and After Effects. Adobe Anywhere will also get some updates, including the new Hot Backup feature for backing up projects in real-time without stopping the workflow, rough-cut support in Prelude, and After Effects media processing.

Notably, Adobe also revealed that director David Fincher's new film, Gone Girl [pictured, top], is being cut by Kirk Baxter, A.C.E., exclusively with Premiere Pro CC — a major milestone on the long road toward proving Premiere Pro's usability in a feature-film production environment. If you'll recall, it was 2003 when Walter Murch finished editing Cold Mountain using Final Cut Pro 3, then considered a radical workflow choice for a major studio picture. Adobe is no doubt hoping to give Premiere a taste of that same kind of success. Adobe has lined up more testimonials, too, from staffers impressed with Premiere's performance in production for sketches on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Adobe gave members of the press an advance look at some of the new Creative Cloud features, which were demo'd in beta versions. The most potentially life-changing addition for editors is probably the ability to use Adobe's new Live Text Templates to access text elements in After Effects CC compositions without leaving Premiere Pro. That means you can fix pesky typos in elaborate type treatments without roundtripping out of Premiere to make the changes to your AE composition. read more...

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