Creative Community Turns to Class on Demand Training to Enhance Employment Marketability

(Hoffman Estates, Illinois--February 27, 2009) While the creative markets as a whole struggle with the economic downturn of the past three years, many editors, effects artists and content producers are turning to Class on Demand to sharpen their technology skills and maintain a competitive edge.

A leading producer of online and self-paced training programs for creative markets, Class on Demand has seen a 50% growth in self-paced training orders over the past year. This is an impressive growth figure given the current state of the economy. It is also a key indicator of the important role affordable technical training is playing for those in the creative community looking to optimize their skills.

The current instability of the job market is leading many creative artists to focus on the independent development of skills and abilities - today's version of survival of the fittest. "In this tough economy, many people have been re-deployed or laid off from their job. We provide them with affordable ways of polishing up either old skills or learning new skills to help them become more marketable in the current job market," comments Paul Holtz, founder and CEO, Class on Demand. "On the other end of the job market is the professional who is still employed but is now expected to master new skill sets possessed by once employed former personnel. Being able to wear many hats is no longer a luxury. It is now a necessity for continued employment."

Class on Demand has seen this growth across all creative markets and geographic locations. The spike in international orders prompted the team to set up European distribution, meeting the demand for their training products throughout the UK as well as orders from more exotic and remote locations such as Greenland.

With industry guru's leading each self-paced training video, Class on Demand's offering is beyond compelling. Aside from its affordability, costing nearly one-tenth of standard course fees, its self-direction provides students with the ability to stop and then continue as their schedule permits. Class on Demand also offers a variety of online trainings through a number of industry partners, covering a wide range of technologies with its award-winning instruction. The flexible format allows hobbyists to gain knowledge of the various programs on their own time, as well as ensure professionals that they remain up-to-date with professional applications.

Another substantial market for the self-paced Class on Demand training is the student just graduating from a higher educational institution. "Many need several other technical skills that had not been learned during school. They need a quick and cost effective way of acquiring these skills while they search for that first important career focused employment," said Holtz.

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