Creative Cow Newsletter Reports that Adobe CS6 is a Major Milestone for Video Pros

One of the biggest announcements hailing from the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters expo last week was the first real look at Adobe CS6. Last year at NAB 2011, Creative COW members picked Adobe Premiere CS5.5 as the Best Video Editing System for 2011. User reaction to CS6 was even more positive than last year and Adobe looks to have its biggest, most innovative launch ever set for even greater success in 2012.

Adobe CS6 is the first release from Adobe that leverages all of its applications across a powerful web-based architecture called Adobe Creative Cloud. Think of it with the same kind of ease of use you've come to expect when downloading apps from the iTunes Store or the Google Android Marketplace. Download and install your applications from the Cloud. Then manage your applications and work with your files on the Cloud. Collaboratively. Easily. Powerfully.

CS6 not only introduces Adobe's most powerful video production tools ever, but they have also taken it a step further by giving users the most powerful tools for working to deliver your projects to smartphones and tablet devices around the world. Taking your media into new markets with unparalleled ease unmatched by any other suite of tools.

You can watch the one hour presentation which starts at the top of each hour at or if that link should not work for you, you will find an archive of the broadcast on Adobe TV at on Tuesday, April 24.

There is simply far too much to cover in a newsletter but you will find the highlights in the official news announcement in the COW's news section at but we recommend that you take the time to watch this program -- this really is Adobe's biggest ever new version roll-out and you will see why during the one hour program.

Is it worth the time to watch? We watched it and found it very informative and very exciting news. We think that CS6 is a real game changer. We think you will, too.

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