Creative Cow Reviews: Sony Vegas 6

Harvey contributing editor Jim Harvey reviews the exciting new release of Sony Vegas 6.0 and says, "It's here and I'm loving it! The release of Sony Vegas 6.0 has been eagerly awaited by previous users as well as those just embarking on the NLE adventure. Sony has stepped up to the plate with the new Vegas with new tools and functionality that promise to make constructing your video project as effortless as possible." read Jim Harvey's review Cow VegasMichael Hurwicz looks at Sony's Vegas 6.0 video/audio editing software, picking up where Jim Harvey left off. This review focuses on three additional new features that I have found can be extremely useful: audio scrubbing, saved project paths in media files, and real-time feedback for ripple-editing (and non-ripple editing, too). read Mike Hurwicz's review

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