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New DSLR Forum

People have been talking about the amazing video footage coming from new DSLR cameras, at resolutions that can easily exceed 4K digital cinema files, for a couple of years now, in all kinds of forums, including Cinematography, After Effects, and many NLE forums. In the past year, that traffic has continued to accelerate, and so we invite you to join us in a newly-created forum to concentrate all of that energy in one place: Creative Cow's new "DSLR Video" forum.

To celebrate, we asked Marco Solorio to update an article he wrote for "The Workflow Issue" of Creative Cow Magazine, "Time Lapse Video Secrets: HD and Beyond with your Digital Camera. (See? We really have been talking about this for years.) He gladly rewrote it for us to incorporate the latest models and techniques. And coming soon in Creative Cow Magazine: Marco's look at the state of the art in HDSLR video -- not just a review, but a look at how to maximize the potential of HDSLR video with paying clients.

In the meantime, if you've got questions about DSLR video, this is the place to start. The forum's hosts include Richard Harrington, who hosts several other forums us (follow that link for details), as well as Creative Cow's Photoshop for Video and Final Cut Studio podcasts. With over two dozen books already under his belt, his latest is set for release this spring by Peach Pit Press, "From Still to Motion: A photographer's guide to creating video with your DSLR."

Our newest "DSLR Video" forum host is Lance Bachelder, an expert in independent feature production and post-production. His work includes title design, editing, post sound mixing, original music, cinematography and directing. Most recently, he served as the Supervising Editor for the past several seasons of the children's series, "Back at the Barnyard," based on the 2006 movie "Barnyard," where Lance worked with writer-director Steve Oederkerk.

Seriously now, what are you waiting for? For a quickly-growing community of video and film professionals who are starting to explore this exciting new technology, visit the Cow's "DSLR Video" forum!

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