CreativeCOW review Sony Vegas 7

Creative Cow by Jim Harvey vegas 7 In this article, contributing editor Jim Harvey reviews Sony Vegas 7 and concludes, '...It Just Keeps Getting Better. For the money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better editing program.'' Those of you who have read my reviews over the years know that I was originally very resistant to the Vegas software model but ultimately was seduced by it and now am firmly entrenched in the Vegas camp. So it will come as no surprise that the newest incarnation of Vegas (7.0) will garner high marks. But this isn’t just about a good piece of software getting better, it’s about the infrastructure of the program itself. The people that you get to deal with and how you as a user are ultimately treated. When Sony Acquired Vegas, there was that awful moment when the “true believers† were certain that the death knell of Vegas was at hand. Sony would Drop the Software, Gut it and make it wind up on the bargain shelf at Geeks-R-Us, alter the code that it was unusable, or hunt down all users and send them to reeducation camps. Well, happily, none of that came to pass. What DID come to pass was that Sony threw some very smart and talented people into a room somewhere and had them IMPROVE on the product. The resultant issues of Vegas bear that out. They were really first on the scene with real HD capability. Their user interface, while distinctly different from the other major players out there, was friendly enough that newcomers could get a handle on things while experienced editors could come up to speed in short order as well (after discarding some pre-conceived notions of how editing works.). There are no real BIG changes in Vegas 7.0, rather small refinements that make the program nicer to work with while increasing your productivity. The Production Bundle includes DVD Architect 4.0. With these tools, you are ready to edit in virtually any format, DV, HDV, SD/HD-SDI and all XDCAM formats. You also have the ability to author surround sound dual layer DVD’s as well. read more...

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