CreativeCOW: The Wisdom of the Cow -- Apple's ProRES 422

Cow ProResApple's ProRes 422 is one of the most talked-about features in any application for quite some time. 205 posts in 11 forums! As I write this Wednesday, May 30 2007, that's the number of posts we've seen on Apple's new ProRes 422 codec here at the Creative COW in just the past two weeks! For the record, barely half of the posts are in the Final Cut Pro forum. The other 10 are News & Press Releases (only 1 entry there in the past 2 weeks!), AJA Kona, AJA Io, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Color, Apple Final Cut Pro Basics, Apple Motion, Blackmagic Design Decklink, HDV Format, and Sony DV. It's impossible to summarize all of that information into even a very long article. I'm going to try to do it in TWO very long articles. Even so, I'll just be getting started. As users finally start getting their hands on Apple Final Cut Studio 2 and working with ProRes, a number of questions have popped up. Part 1 of this article compiles some of the answers to questions including capture, performance, resolution and workflow basics from across the COW. This small sample is taken just as Final Cut Studio 2 hits the streets. I suspect that's part of the reason why people are talking so much about it, don't you? To make my cross-section of the conversation relatively accurate, I've taken points from 8 of the 11 forums where ProRes has been mentioned in the past two weeks. To keep things balanced, I've based this article on the most active conversations in 8 of those forums. There's vital information in each of these discussions, whether or not they appear to have anything to do with you. For example if you don't have an AJA card or use HDV, those forums have non-product specific info that you wouldn't want to miss. It happens that HDV is a special case. The combination of ProRes and HDV generated posts across 5 forums. As with the overall topic of ProRes, barely half of the posts came from the FCP forum. Only 1 in 7 of them actually in the HDV forum!! read more...

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