Cross-Platform, Multi-NLE, Tape-Less Transcoding Workflow Tips

If Workflow is the Answer, then it’s one hell of a Question…!

For a very long time post production workflow has been built upon consistencies - consistent delivery, consistent format, consistent platforms, consistent tools, consistent viewing environments. But then along came a veritable tsunami of digital detritus that washed ashore - in a very short span of time - a greater diversity of tools, formats, platforms and systems that all previous years put together.

And with that diversity came new expectations. Too often unrealistic expectations born of ignorance, but none the less a seismic shift in what was expected of production, the tools and the personal skill-sets that make it all happen.

It is within this digital dilemma that I have often been required to design digital post-production workflows that are flexible enough to satisfy expectations and take advantage of opportunities, whilst being rigid enough to provide some measure of consistency and reliability in an inconsistent and unreliable world. No easy task. Especially when we reflect upon the title of this post, ‘Cross Platform, Multi-NLE, Tape-less, Transcoding Workflow’ and add the suffix of ‘for non-standard variable viewing more...

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