Custom Sets and Foreground Elements

DMN Tutorial: by Joe Gillis 2d tutOkay, so you don't have a 3D artist on staff and have no clue how to make sets on your own. Or maybe you're in the same predicament we were earlier this year when we needed some HD photo realistic sets fast and only had a few days to create them. No, we didn't lock our 3D artists in a room without letting them out until they were done – sure we thought about it, but something didn't seem right about doing it. Instead we utilized ULTRA 2's ability to natively work with image files up to 2048x2048 (most digital still cameras can do higher than this) without scaling. We took a high resolution photo of our lobby and used Photoshop to create foreground elements (this is a great tool for SD and HD). This tutorial will walk you through what we did to create this "virtual set". Read More

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