Customize your DVDs with Sonic DVDit 5

By Douglas Dixon Manifest Technology (11/2004) DVDit! 5In the past couple of years the DVD authoring tools market has developed two separate tiers: entry-level / personal tools at prices around $50 - $100, and corporate / professional tools at around $500 and up (ignoring higher-end professional tools from multi-thousands to $10K's). The personal tools provide template-driven DVD creation, from video capture to automated menu layout and links, but this ease of casual use also limits your ability to customize the DVD design. The creative professional tools expose more of the capabilities of the DVD specification and provide more control over your DVD design, with multiple audio tracks, subtitles, custom menus and buttons, and navigational links to re-use assets. This article takes a look at Sonic's DVDit 5, introduced in June 2004. Priced at $299 (list), DVDit sits squarely between Sonic's personal MyDVD product and the more professional ReelDVD and DVD Producer Pro. Version 5 is a major upgrade, with a significantly revamped interface, the addition of a timeline for laying out movies and chapters, and new menu design and navigation tools. read more...

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