Customizing VEGAS Pro for Editing

Bobby Grubic gives us a look at Editing Basics in VEGAS Pro. In this second episode looking at VEGAS Pro, we’re going to look at Editing Basics. Vegas is very similar to a lot of other track-based non-linear editors as it includes displays for viewing your source footage as well as the edit in the timeline. It’s also a tool-based editor as you’re able to achieve different tasks in the timeline based on the tool you have chosen. The toolbar is the place for all of those tools. In addition to what Vegas calls the Normal Edit Tool, editors familiar with other NLEs will recognize the Slip and Slide tools as well as the Time Stretch/Compress Tool among others that might be new to Vegas editors. The Time Stretch/Compress Tool is a powerful and quick way to apply velocity to your media events (clips) by simply dragging the edges of the clip on the timeline, which will recalculate the original footage velocity (speed) and create instantly fast- or slow-motion effects. And like some other NLEs, the Vegas timeline and manipulating clips in the Vegas timeline operates with a familiar click and drag of clips in the timeline (or events as Vegas calls them), clip edges and edit points. Selecting multiple clips as well as snapping will be more familiar behaviors for the veteran editor moving to Vegas Pro.

VEGAS PRO - Editing Basics (E2) from ProVideo Coalition on Vimeo.

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