Cutting Edge Filmmakers Discuss Adobe Premiere Pro CC Workflow

Adobe's Creative Cloud features well in this account of 4 innovative filmmakers using Premiere Pro CC for their post production needs. Read on for the details.

What’s NEXT? Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Half of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival NEXT Category Films Cut with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. When 2016 Sundance Film Festival goers sit down in a theater to watch a film in the NEXT category, they’re bound to be talking about it later. These films combine ingenuity and vision to tell stories in new, unexpected ways. It’s no surprise that many filmmakers on the cutting edge of American cinema chose a post-production workflow featuring Adobe Premiere Pro CC, an editing platform that lets filmmakers edit nearly any type of footage in its native format. Here, we share insights into the experiences of four filmmakers premiering films in the festival’s exciting NEXT category. In Dark Night, a suburban landscape plays witness to the inevitable, unfolding events that culminate in a Cineplex massacre. Over the course of one day, from sunrise to midnight, six strangers—the shooter among them—share in this new American nightmare. Writer and Director Tim Sutton’s unique perspective is evident in his precise camera work and how he and his editor, Jeanne Applegate, worked together to shape and frame the narrative. Applegate chose to edit the film with Premiere Pro CC, largely because the film’s cinematographer, Hélène Louvart, created LUTs in camera that the team wanted to see while editing. Working with Avid would have required transcoding, but when the team tested Premiere Pro it worked perfectly. “With Premiere Pro CC, we were able to edit our ProRes and RED RAW footage and see it with the custom LUTs,” says Applegate. “We had a great experience using Premiere Pro and I’m so proud of the film.” ...[continue reading]
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