Cutting quick montages in Avid's Media Composer

DMN Tutorial by Kevin McAuliffe Avid Media ComposerAs an editor, the one thing you are probably asked to do more than anything, is to cut music montages. These can be extremely time consuming, but they really don't have to be. Let's take a look at how to cut a music montage in Avid's Media Composer in no time flat. This tutorial will work in XpressPro and XpressDV as well. One tool that I detest more than any, and almost every editing application seems to have it, is the "Razor" tool, and we all know what it does very well. If you want to take a clip in your timeline, and add an edit to it to make it two clips, simply select the Razor tool, move it over to where you want your edit to be, and click on the timeline. One clip is now two clips. All you Media Composer editors out there have a much better tool to use, and it's called "Add Edit," and this tool will be your best friend when cutting montages. Why? I'll show you. read more...

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