Danni Lowinski Editor Leverages AJA T-TAP for Flexible HD Monitoring with Apple Final Cut Pro X


For more than 14 years, Berlin-based editor Knut Hake has lent his expertise to internationally renowned film, commercial and television productions such as the Emmy Award-winning German TV series Berlin, Berlin. He’s edited thirteen episodes of the first three seasons of Danni Lowinski, a popular German legal dramedy that airs on SAT.1, and has already finished cutting three episodes for the finale of the fourth season

Produced by Phoenix Film, Danni Lowinski is shot in Cologne, Germany on a RED ONE® 4K digital camera. After each shoot, Hake receives the digital files in Apple ProRes LT for editing. To cut each episode, he relies on an integrated workflow that includes an Apple® iMac®, Final Cut Pro® X, AJA’s T-TAP™ Thunderbolt™-powered adapter, PROMISE R4 RAID Storage with Thunderbolt™ Technology and a professional external monitor.

Over the last year, T-TAP has become integral to Hake’s workflow for HD monitoring with Final Cut Pro X. “T-TAP is a quiet, powerful device that fits nicely into my workflow. It’s affordable, delivers high-quality monitoring and is overall a great fit for what I do,” he shared. “It’s also flexible in that it can be set up in almost any editing suite within a short time frame. All I have to do is plug in via Thunderbolt™ and out through HDMI, load the drive and I’m ready to edit in just a few minutes.”

As a freelance editor, Hake travels often, so having portable, flexible solutions like T-TAP and PROMISE Pegasus R4/J4 have proven advantageous. He said, “When I work on Danni Lowinski, I travel back and forth between my home office in Berlin and an editing suite in Cologne, which the T-TAP comes in handy for. It’s so small and lightweight, that I can easily pack it up, board a plane, and travel with it. And, when I arrive on location, I’m good to go.”

For the third season of the show, digital files were stored on a PROMISE Pegasus R4, but for the fourth season, Hake used a PROMISE Pegasus J4 with 4x Intel® SSD 520 series to garner a high-performance storage solution that would give him the flexibility to take his edit suite on-the-go.

Hake, a longtime user of AJA gear, concluded, “I’ve used AJA tools for a while and can count on them to be reliable. The company is quick to provide quality drivers, and even after years of use, the technology continues to work. Their products offer true value.”

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