Datavideo Announces HS-1200 Hand Carried Mobile Studio

Introducing Datavideo HS-1200 HD 6 Channel Portable Production Studio

Datavideo, a leading manufacturer of live production equipment, is proud to announce that the HS-1200, HD hand carried mobile studio is now available! The HS-1200 is a 6 input HD mobile studio that has 4 HD-SDI and 2 HDMI inputs with dual chroma, luma, and linear keys. T-Bar, and tactile buttons on the switcher make it easy for users to operate. The built-in 17” LCD screen makes it convenient to monitor the multi-view or program output. Even with all the advanced features, the HS-1200. The portability and reliability of the HS-1200 make it perfect for on-the-go productions such as school sports games, live concert events, and corporate conferences.

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