Datavideo DN-400 DV/HDV Video Recorder Review

Videomaker by Lance Olinger

The DN-400 is a video recorder capable of creating DV and HDV videos from both analog and digital sources.

Getting media onto a computer can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Some older camcorders and equipment don't even have hookups to plug into a computer. In the field there isn't always a place to unload your data when a tape or SD card fills up. For this, Datavideo created the DN-400 DV/HDV Recorder.

What is it?
The DN-400 is essentially a fancy video recorder/converter. Camcorders with FireWire output and any other devices with component (YPbPr), composite or S-Video outputs can be plugged into this device and have the video output saved in DV format. Need to convert old VHS tapes? Plug the VCR into the S-Video input, start the VCR, and hit record. Camcorders plugged into the device with FireWire can also playback videos stored on the DN-400. The device also outputs HDV files, but only through HDV FireWire devices. All the video is saved to a 250GB removable 2.5" hard drive that has both a USB port and a SATA connection (useful if your computer happens to have the same type of SATA docking bay as the removable drive) to allow the data to be retrieved from a computer. read more...

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