Datavideo Live Shoot at the NAMM 2016 with PTC-150


Datavideo Live Shoot at the NAMM 2016 with PTC-150: 30 of the best music groups from around the world were invited to play on the NAMM Nissan Grand Plaza Stage, the largest stage at NAMM 2016, where all performances were produced and live streamed by Datavideo equipment. It was an incredible week of shows with legendary musicians and up and coming artists. At the center of the production were 4 Datavideo PTC-150 Cameras, which were operated remotely and mixed with the SE-1200MU Switcher. The diagram below shows exactly how we mounted the cameras for the production.


The PTC-150 camera is able to pan, tilt, and zoom via remote control with programmable presets. It is operated by the RMC-180 remote controller where one camera operator can control all 4 cameras via ethernet connection. Presets were created for musicians and stage positions, and the cameras were able to change angles quickly to get the same type of live coverage 6-8 cameras would be able to get in most productions. This is how NAMM used Datavideo PTC-150 cameras to capture the live performances at the Nissan Grand Plaza Stage during the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Click here fore more information on Datavideo Products


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