Datavideo Mobile & Hand-carried Studios

SE-800 Mobile StudioThe worlds best value in advanced video production equipment for professionals and amateurs from DATAVIDEO

Datavideo Technologies, Inc. manufactures a wide range of post-production video editing equipment for "prosumers," audio/visual professionals, and amateur videographers. They have been manufacturing sophisticated home video equipment for over 10 years. Sold in more than 20 countries around the world, Datavideo products deliver unique creativity to both professional and amateur videographers.

Datavideo Mobile Studios (MS) place your switcher, monitor, communications and support gear into one convenient package that can be shipped or travel with you. Every Datavideo switcher is available in a Mobile Studio configuration, which includes the switcher, monitors, intercom, tally lights, a hard drive recorder and an internal power distributor. Custom Mobile Studios made to your own specifications are also available, shipping within 2 weeks of your order. All Mobile Studios are tested to ensure quality.

Datavideo Hand-carried Studios (HS) are collapsible, portable units optimized for light weight and travel. Our SE-500, SE-800 and SE-1000 switchers are available in the HS configuration.

We have Mobile and hand-carries studios featuring the Datavideo SE-500. SE-800, SE-900 and SE-1000 digital mixers. Click here for more info

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