Datavideo RMC-260 Control Panel Now Shipping

Datavideo Releases RMC-260 Control Panel

Datavideo, a leading manufacturer of live production equipment, is proud to announce that RMC-260, control panel for the SE-1200MU switcher is now available to ship. The RMC-260 is a switcher style control panel with clearly defined keys for quick and easy operation. You no longer need a computer to operate the SE-1200MU switcher. Not only is the RMC-260 user friendly, it is also cost effective. RMC-260 is priced at $499; so for under $2,000, you can have a 6 input HD video switcher with a control panel. For those of you interested in both units, we put a bundle (SEB-1200) together to make the ordering process easier for you. SEB-1200 includes RMC-260 and SE-1200 and is priced at $1,995. There is no other HD switcher with a control panel on the market that has the same price point. Both RMC-260 and SE-1200MU are available and shipping now.

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