Datavideo White Paper: Government Video Productions

Video Production Solutions for Federal, State, and Municipal Government Datavideo has been helping Federal, State, and Municipal governments connect with their citizens for decades. Whether you need to produce city council meetings including streaming video and local cable access on a shoe-string budget or more elaborate productions, Datavideo will work directly with you to help select the right equipment for your needs and can even arrange demo equipment and connect you with a reseller when you’re ready to purchase. Datavideo has an extensive lineup of easy to use mobile studios, video switchers/mixers, video recorders/players, monitors, and accessories are designed to give you great results without breaking the budget. Case Studies: Leveraging Video Productions to Connect & Engage Citizens with Government Imagine being alive during President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Unless you were part of the crowd at the cemetery, you could not see or hear this historic speech. You likely would have had to wait until the next day’s newspaper to find out. Those in San Francisco might have had to wait even longer unless the telegraph was working flawlessly that day. Today, citizens can actively participate in government, because events such as city council meetings planning and zoning committee meetings are often locally televised and even streamed live on the Internet so residents can see first-hand the discussions and debates on issues that directly affect them. In this paper, we’ll look at a how a few local and state governments have successfully integrated Datavideo live video production equipment to enhance the experience of attending city council meetings and other locally produced events, and how those productions are made available to the public through local cable narrow-casting, live webcasting over the Internet, and even web videos that can be downloaded and viewed “on demand”. Click here to download the white paper

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