Datavideo's new Church Video Productions white paper

A Few Words About Datavideo Datavideo has been designing and producing video production when worship services were recorded on 3/4-inch tape and edited later. We've learned a lot from our house of worship customers and religious broadcasters about what you do and why you want to do it. We've done our best to use this knowledge to make products that meet your expectations and are easy to use. Our approach to customer service is simple -- we treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We hope you’ll discover this first hand. Introduction Imagine going to a church service 100 years ago as a member of a congregation, trying to listen to the minister and hear the message he was struggling to deliver, or fumbling to find the right page in the hymnal. The church experience today is often a much richer and enjoyable one as A/V technologies in houses of worship are becoming more widely integrated. There is plenty of research indicating that auditory and visual stimulation helps people to better understand and retain presented information. Audio and video technologies today let smaller congregations (even mobile congregations) have as rich an experience as larger churches with much bigger budgets. A well-integrated audio system enables those sitting in the back to hear the presentation. The ability to deliver recorded music clearly can enhance the musical worship portion of the service. Similarly, integrating video into church services can have a strong impact on the congregation -- whether it’s simply projecting words to the hymn or chorus on the screen, showing a video of a youth group activity, or showing a video or digital picture presentation from a visiting missionary or special speaker. Video can also be made portable to be shared with others, such as in a DVD format or a live web cast of the sermon to folks around the world. Another benefit of using video and audio production in church is the sense of unity that arises from having selected members of the congregation work together as a team to produce live video on Sunday morning. The pastor can’t do it all, so engaging congregation members to work together is a fantastic activity and a worthy challenge. In this paper, we will focus primarily on video production as it relates to message delivery through video production. Download the full pdf

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