Datavideo's SMART DV saves digitizing time

DAC30Datavideo's SMART DV (patent pending) feature was developed in answer to customer requests for a converter that allows monitoring of the video during a DV to DV capture such as between a DV camera or recorder and a computer with NLE software. Until now, using a DV converter (for monitoring only) and a DV recorder in the same DV stream caused device conflicts. Enabling SMART DV makes the DAC-10 or DAC-30 converter transparent to the NLE so there is no device conflict. Disabling SmartDV returns it to being a perfect converter. We think that this is an exciting innovation because it saves time for every video editor who digitizes DV tape. Datavideo's SMART DV feature is included in all DAC-10 and DAC-30 converters shipped (in the US) after June 14, 2005 and available as a no charge firmware upgrade for earlier units. To see an illustration of the hardware configuration, please check out this web page

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