Dave Helmly's NAB sneak peak: New features for Premiere Pro

Well it's that time of year again. With NAB around the corner the folks at Adobe are giving us a sneak peak at new featues coming in Premeire Pro CSnext. That's the beauty of the subscritption model. Software vendors can show of and release new features and performance whenever and as often as they like! BTW - I love his laptop wallpaper - it's all the different Premiere boxes going back to 1.0! YouTube by Dave Helmly Here's a quick peek at what's new in Premiere Pro CC for NAB 2015. As you'll see in this video there's a lot to review in this 30 minute video. Things like new Task Oriented Workspaces featuring a way to work with Color, Project Candy, new tools for cutting Interviews, Exports where duration is your #1 concern, Easier Audio setup, Enhanced AAF, and more... To make viewing a bit easier, you will notice small blue labels in the lower right corner to make it easier to navigate.

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