Dave’s Monster Video Editing Computer Build

Learning DSLR Video by Dave

Thank everyone and all the videos. I got so many comments and I read all of them, I did a lot of research after that video asking for advise and I made some changes to the list.

OK, I have never done a computer build before, so many of you wrote in that I have to try it, it is easy they say, well let’s see how easy it is. If you are watching this to know how it is done you might turn this video off now, I have never done this before.

If I make a mistake I will be sure to point it out.

Final Parts List For Dave’s Monster Build

  • i7-3930k 3.2g 6 core at $569. I picked this because of the 6 cores with hyper threading act like 12 cores. This is good for rendering my projects quickly. I have a hope that my render time will get cut in half from my current setup. I think this computer is a good value when you look at it compared to the super expensive ones in terms of performance.
  • ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard at $300, it has 8 DIMM’s so I can have 64G of RAM if I want to. Right now I am sticking to 32GB.
  • 1600MHz 32GB of RAM I wanted to get faster RAM than this of over clocking but I got confused when I read the mother board manual on which RAM was qualified so I went with RAM I know others have used with this motherboard since I saw one comment that their 1866MHz RAM didn’t work.
  • GTX 680 “FTW” 4gb version which costs $560. In the comments I got some many conflicting advice on this piece of equipment, which actually might be the most important in terms of video editing. So I read up on the Adobe and Black Magic’s site and also talked with some colorist that spend all day in DaVinci Resolve and they said this was the card to get.
  • Corsair H100i liquid cooler with two Noctua NF-F12-PWM fans I watched a video from Linus Tech Tips on cooling and he had an awesome video on this and which fans to use. After watching that video it was very clear what to get.
  • Fractal Design Define R4 I went back and forth on this one, but after watching a few people’s builds with this case, I went with this one.
  • CORSAIR HX Series HX750 750W I had to return this one because it made some weird fan noises. I replaced it with Seasonic SS-760XP ATX which is nice an quiet and 80PLUS Platinum Certified, I notice that is runs the same tasks as the other PSU but at slightly less wattages.
  • Corsair Force Series GT CSSD 240GB SSD drive for my OS and programs.
  • Kingston 480GB SSD is existing and will be for my scratch drive.
  • Windows 7 Pro since I need to address all 32GB of RAM.

OK let’s build it and see I f*ck it up at all. My guess is I will have some missing parts. If you see me in different shirts, more than one day.

Some people are going to think this is overkill, but I call it future proofing. I want to do more After Effects and I think within 18 months I might be shooting in a RAW format at a much higher resolution than I do now. Think about how much your camera and lenses cost, then think how much time you spend behind the computer compared to how much you spend shooting – shouldn’t your computer be more than your camera? read more...

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