DeckLink Extreme

Ten-bit SDI and Analog I/O Card Reviewed by Marco Solorio for DV Mag Declink Extreme Price, performance, and quality arrive in one package. A versatile card, even if not used for editing purposes. The software is really maturing with Blackmagic Design and brings this package to a new level. If only there were a few more I/O connections to put the icing on the cake. Just over two years ago, Blackmagic Design ( introduced the very first DeckLink capture card to the Final Cut Pro community and nothing has been the same since. Some people love the DeckLink cards and some people, well, don't love them. But no matter how you look at it, Blackmagic has created something unique at prices any editor can afford, with quality and features to boot. Since the first DeckLink card, there have been a multitude of incarnations from standard definition to high definition--with added support for Windows users, no less. Also recently introduced are the DeckLink Multibridge and Workgroup Videohub, which aren't even capture cards. read more...

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