DeckLink HD Studio

DV by Mike CurtisDecLink A good ingest solution if you have to go with HDMI or analog for input, and good choices for low- to mid-priced SD/HD video monitoring. A good pick for ingesting from FireWire or HDMI routed formats like DV/CAM, DVCPRO/50/HD, HDV, and XDCAM/HD, as well as for applications that don't require mastering via HD-SDI, such as web, DVD, or high-def DVD authoring Unlike other cards in Blackmagic Design's DeckLink HD line, DeckLink HD Studio does not have HD-SDI inputs. Instead, it features HDMI and component analog video as well as analog XLR and s/pdif digital audio ins and outs. The audio and video outputs are carried on a single plug that resembles a DVI connector (so don't plug your extra monitor into it by accident like I did). That plug breaks out to give you component video and analog and digital audio I/O. The flat-socket HDMI connectors can do 8 bits or 10 bits per channel in or out, unlike the DeckLink HD Studio's little brother, the $250 Intensity HDMI card, which only can do 8 bits. read more...

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