Dell Precision M70 Mobile Workstation

DMN review by Charlie White New notebook is certainly worthy of the titles "Desktop Replacement" and "Workstation" M70When Dell releases a new Precision Workstation notebook, we stand up and take notice. That’s because in September of 2003 I reviewed a Dell Precision M70 Mobile Workstation and found it to be an outstanding performer. Now, Dell follows that release with its new Precision Mobile Workstation M70 ($4215), offering a faster chip, more-capable graphics card, and slightly smaller size. Dell’s Malaysian-made machine also offers refinements that make it easier to use while raising its quality level a notch-and-a-half. Let’s take a close look at Dell’s latest portable workstation, which represents the state-of-the-art of high-end notebooks, circa March, 2005. ...Read More

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