Demystifying HDV Workflows

cowCreative COW Leader Tim Kolb uses his HDV expertise to explore the technology behind HDV, and show how it applies inside Final Cut Pro and other NLEs, with a special focus on longer projects. As Tim notes, this is a modified version of a post he made in the HDV forum responding to a question about FCP, but anyone who wants to know about editing HDV needs to check this out. *First, I am not currently an FCP user for my primary editing tool. This article was originally a post on the HDV forum that seemed to be helpful to some users on that forum. The technical factors surrounding the handling of HDV in FCP have little to do with FCP itself and I have no intention of critiquing this, or any other editing system in this article. –Tim Kolb) HDV native editing is possible certainly, but as a rule any system that cuts HDV at X efficiency, cuts an I-frame only format (like MJPEG for example) at X+ efficiency and cuts a compression format that is I-frame and optimized to run on a computer processor at X++. The differences are variable, but the relative positions remain the same. read more...

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