Diary of an Avid Switcher Part 6 – MC7 New Features

Toolbox by Jonny Elwyn

It’s been a while since my last instalment of my Diary of an Avid Switcher and a lot has happened in the mean time. First of all Avid has released Media Composer 7 with a whole host of new features for a $299 upgrade price (£265 in the UK – again more expensive than the US).

This post will cover all the new features plus a few things I had to grapple with in finally finishing my first ever film cut on the hallowed Avid (version 6.5).

There are loads of new features in Media Composer 7 including background rendering, dynamic media folders and FrameFlex for working with high res media. For a 4 minute overview of the best new features in MC7 check out Alex Walker’s overview above.

Editor Wim Van Den Broeck has tweeted 25 images, each highlighting a new feature in MC7 which editor Dylan Reeve has handily compiled on his site. Wim has also produced a series short videos explaining the 10 top changes in MC7. (Click the playlist button for the rest of the series.)

Steve Hullfish on Pro Video Coalition has highlighted a few of his favourite features including some of the new audio features with plenty of handy explanatory images too. In a second post Steve provides a detailed walk through the new ‘spanned markers’, covering the good the bad and the ugly. Its a helpfully balanced review that’s well worth a read. read more...

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