Digital Film Stars

PC Magazine reviews several compact miniDV cams By Gary Berline PC Magazine 09.24.04 Canon ZR90 If you're still shooting your video with a cumbersome, bulky analog camcorder, now is the time to upgrade to digital. As with all consumer technology, prices are dropping, quality has improved, and the devices have gotten smaller. Digital Video (DV) holds a number of advantages over analog, not the least of which is recording quality. Every frame is immediately saved in digital format, so in moving content to a PC there's no A-to-D conversion process with its attendant image degradation. And with models that store on tape, such as the three in this roundup, noise becomes a nonissue once signals are captured—information is recorded in definite ones and zeros easily separated from garbage. (There is, of course, noise introduced in the recording process itself.) read more...

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