Digital Filmmaking Guide from the Videoguys

Videoguys' Digital Filmmaker's Guide

The technology is here today for you to produce your full
length features using video!

In recent years the production of independent films and videos has greatly increased due to many contributing technologies. The internet has allowed the independent producer the opportunity to achieve broad distribution of their product for little or no cost. This is the same phenomenon that created the buzz which launched "The Blair Witch Project" into commercial success and have given many small-town bands widespread exposure through web radio and MP3s. Faster access in homes throughout the country will soon allow the same broadband distribution of video and an independent producer will not only be able to create a buzz for their production, they will actually be able to distribute it right into our homes. There are many new technologies making this broadband distribution a reality.

DV camcorders, decks, and non-linear editing systems have brought the ability to create high quality final productions at a fraction of the cost of a similar system just 2 years ago. In fact, this new format is so popular that major studios are now supporting DV production and the Sundance Film Festival has received about three times as many digital entries this year compared to previous years! was established over 25 years ago as "The Video Editing & Production Experts." As the technology has changed so has the focus of our company and the products we sell. However, one thing has always remained the same, our commitment to video editing and production! We pride ourselves on being a value-added mail-order reseller who specializes in providing the technical information and customer service before and after the purchase. Our interest in the Dgital film and video making is an extension of our company's focus. This page is dedicated to providing the information and tech advice targeted to the independent producer with buttons and content linking to other resources in the online community.

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