Disney makes big jump into Virtual Reality

enhanced-2642-1442618832-2With big names like Google, Facebook, Sony, GoPro and many others making big investements into Virtual Reality, it was just a matter of time before a major content producer like Disney would jump into the fray. Especailly with their theme parks, thenew Star Wars trilogy coming soon and their enourmous catalog of content. Throw in ESPN and their sports broadcasts and you can see why they had to jump in. The only questions were whem, how much and which company/technology would they be investing in. The answera are now, $66 million and Jaunt.
Buzzfeed by Brendan Klinkenberg Why Disney Just Invested In A Virtual Reality Company

After years of hype, virtual reality is finally coming to your living room, and soon. Like, in a couple months soon. That’s when Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony Morpheus will all be released, which means the time for VR to emerge as a medium is finally at hand.

But even if the hardware is finally consumer-ready, what will we actually watch when we strap on those bulky headsets?

That’s the question a VR startup called Jaunt is trying to answer. And as you might imagine, the answer seems pretty valuable: On Monday, Jaunt announced a new round of funding led by The Walt Disney Company for $66 million.

Essentially, Jaunt is trying to build everything but the headsets themselves, which it’s leaving to the Oculuses of the world. Instead, it’s working out how to get movies, TV shows, news broadcasts, and live events to all the various VR devices that’s will ship in the coming years. read more...

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