Disruptive Indeed: VizRT buys NewTek

In a major industry development, Vizrt has acquired NewTek. This comes as a major surprise, even to those who know both companies well- but it makes total sense.

NewTek has made a significant name for themselves in extracting video performance in real-time for microcomputers. NewTek is also widely recognized for their development of their NDI video over IP system.

Vizrt is mainly focused on sports industry broadcasting with real time graphics and production assets.

Both company's have focused heavily on Video over IP, making the match a perfect fit.

“NewTek has been friends with Vz for years. It’s complementary. Both are software companies, working with IT infrastructures. It makes incredible sense. For example, with phones, the real innovation is cameras - but it’s specifically the software in the cameras that’s making the difference. The universal standard for IP video is IP itself, and it is the last standard that will ever exist”.

Dr Andrew Cross, President of Research and Development at NewTek/Vizrt

Vizrt and NewTek have historically been two companies very in-tuned to the direction the industry is moving in. This merger points to potential for promising growth in the video technology industry.

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