Distance Learning Resources from Adobe

Adobe recently released a great list of resources from teachers delving into distance learning. With the Covid-19 outbreak in full swing, resources like these are now more important than ever.

Whether your school routinely supports distance learning or is facing unexpected closures, we've assembled these resources and learning opportunities to help educators engage remote students through online learning.


Courses Articles and Blogs

These resources are blogs, articles and courses to help teachers get up to speed in the world of distance learning, with Adobe technology.

Events and Webinars

Adobe also include a great list of online events and video webinars, to help students and teachers further their distance education.

Join Adobes Community

Adobe also allows educators to connect with each other online within their community. This is a very valuable resource during this time of social distancing. Check out Adobes Community HERE.

Free Professional Learning Courses

Adobe also has a large selection of self paced courses built for educators. Check out those courses HERE.

Higher Ed Projects that make Distance Learning Engaging

These are great resources for teachers designing online classes, as well as students looking to further their distance education.

K-12 Projects that Make Distance Learning Engaging

These resources are perfect for traditional grade school teachers creating their online classes.

Khan + Create Activities

This list of resources will help educators further their students Khan Academy Education in an engaging fashion.

Resources to Support Young Learners

For young learners, this is an important time in their education. These students can't afford to go without learning resources.

Events and Activities for Teens and College Students

Teens and College Students are perhaps the most in touch with technology. These resources will help them and their teachers create engaging learning experiences.

Wellbeing Resources for Educators

Teachers, like their students, are being placed under a hefty amount of stress at this time, to create lesson plans that will continue their students education, despite this disruption. These resources are designed to help teachers practice self care.

Dive Deeper with Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is incredibly important for students who's futures are based in a digital world. These resources will help.

Find even more resources from Adobe HERE.

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