Distance Learning with Epiphan Pearl at Harvard University

Bepiphan4The Epiphan Pearl is the perfect solution for educators looking to record and stream lectures and lessons for distance learning. In this article we learn how Harvard University is using the Epiphan Pearl to deliver high quality video to their students in remote classrooms.
HigherEd tech Decisions by Jessica Kennedy

Harvard University is giving its distance learning students better quality video content and streaming options with Epiphan Video’s Pearl solution

To better serve distance learners, Harvard University built a home-grown education platform with OpenCast. However, Gabe Russell wanted to kick the platform up another notch with HD duel-channel recording and streaming capabilities, and make each feature accessible to students. As a result, the university invested in Epiphan Video’s Pearl solution. “We needed to find a capture system that could do duel-channel capture and live streaming, which we couldn’t do in standard definition with our Legacy systems,” says Russel, Video Systems and Software Engineer at Harvard. “We ended up looking at the Epiphan Pearl, [and]…struck an interesting deal with them where they gave us some sort of low level access to the devices so we can install some of our own software on them.” Now, it “runs on our interface system and uploads the files automatically.” After receiving the solution in August 2015, Russel and his team had it up and running by September 2015. Harvard then purchased more Pearls in December 2015, and continued to work with Epiphan on the “software side of things” to get the system going for student accessibility for the Spring 2016 semester. Now, the school has 20 Pearls capturing and feeding content in OpenCast for better distance learning. How It Works Once put in place, Pearl takes images from cameras, computers or switchers; once that content is captured, end users can manipulate, record and stream it to students. read more...

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