Diving Into Media Composer: Day One

EditingWhiz by Connor Crosby

As I said in my series introduction, I am moving away from Final Cut Pro 7 in favor of Avid Media Composer. Today is my first day using Media Composer to cut a simple project. I have used MC before, but that was only briefly with some guidance. This is the first time I will be using it with only training videos and articles. For those who are looking for some extra help, Twitter has been an invaluable source. Everyone is extremely helpful with quick questions you may have.

Alright, now on with the show. One of the first things I learned about Media Composer when watching Avid’s training videos is the way MC works in terms of setting up and sharing projects. When creating a new project, there are three locations you can save it:

  • Private: that means the project files live on your local hard drive, in the Documents folder.
  • Share: this allows you to share your project with any other users. The files live in the Shared folder.
  • External: don’t want it on your local hard drive or share folder? No problem. You can also store it on an external drive.

Because this is my first project, and because Avid recommends it, I decided to store it as private (in my Documents folder). read more...

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