DIY5 – Intel Core 2 Duo Strikes Back!

DIY5DIY5 – Intel Core 2 Duo Strikes Back! Intel regains the top spot for NLE workstations This summer Intel began shipping their new Core 2 Dual CPUs (code name Conroe). I’d been watching and following the leaks and reports about the new Conroe chips for months. All my favorite hardware websites – Tom’s Hardware, ExtremeTech, Anandtech and many others where posting articles on the remarkable performance of these chips. I knew I had to have one. I would make my own personal dream machine, to use in my new home editing suite. I called my dream machine the Vaporizer, and I could not wait to get it built. The Intel Empire is once again the best in the universe. Will the AMD rebels be able to come back? Quad Core chips have already been announced. Just how powerful and fast will computers become in the next years or two? We’ll have to see. For now, our DIY5 Core 2 Duo machine is the biggest and baddest single CPU machine in the universe. May the force be with you! Click here for the complete article

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