DMN Premiere Pro Tutorials

Digital Media Net's Premiere Pro 1.5 Tutorials By Charlie White What a great job Charlie has done! Each tutorial is easy to follow and quite valuable to new and old Premiere Pro users alike. Premiere Pro Tips & Tricks If you've been wondering what's so special about Adobe's new Premiere Pro 1.5, or have installed the software and are still wondering how to get the most out of it, here's where you can find out how to make this new filly run like the wind. In a series of tutorials, we'll give you a whole stable full of tips and tricks, so get in the starting gate with us, because it's post time. For the first 7 parts of this Premiere Pro 1.5 tutorial series follow these links: Part 1 -- Getting around in the timeline, drag-and-drop editing Part 2 -- Working with transitions Part 3 -- Keyframing, motion paths and more Part 4 -- Copying and pasting into After Effects and back, new shadow filters Part 5 -- Using automatic color correction, importing a track matte from Photoshop Part 6 -- Importing layers from Photoshop Part 7 -- Project Manager Power

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