DMN Product Review: Sony Sound Forge 9

DMN By Jeffrey P. Fisher It must be rather difficult to be a software provider. Users constantly bombard you with bugs, ideas, and feature requests that they want implemented in the next release. Or sooner. Occasionally, the opposite happens. There’s a piece of mature software that already brings so much to the table. Where do you go when there’s little room to improve? Sony Sound Forge is one such program. The recorder/editor/mastering software has an impressive lineage known for stability and packed with features for audio professionals on the PC platform. There has been a steady stream of improvements, but the core application has been and remains strong as ever. When I heard that Sound Forge 9 was on the horizon, I immediately asked myself: ‘what could they add?† Well, humbly I report, the answer is a lot. And then some. The clever software engineers at Sony Creative Software have managed to deliver a powerful upgrade to an already steadfast application. Read More

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