DMN Review: SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4.5

DMN By David Basulto Sonic Fire ProMusic creation app gets you in the mood for music As I began the finishing touches on my film “Fiesta Grand† I came to a point where I really needed some music for a few scenes that I didn’t intend to have music. The challenge was I had no more budget for any extra music. My fellow filmmakers pointed me in the direction of a program that just introduced a huge upgrade. I thought I would give it a try; after all, there was a free trial available on their website. Welcome to SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro 4.5 What is Sonicfire Pro 4.5? As I visited the website I realized “Hey I saw this booth at NAB!† I remembered that there was a crowd around the booth and it had some cool tunes blasting through the air. Those tunes were coming from SmartSound Sonicfire Pro, a music and scoring software application that runs on both Mac and Windows. This application enables you to quickly create music from hundreds of royalty free assets to fit your content perfectly. I had always stayed away from “looped-based† applications as you really needed to know music to use them, but SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4.5 made my experience easy. Sonicfire Pro 4.5 enables you to control up to eight instrument layers which results in making every track unique. Pick the music you like via its Maestro tab and set it on the timeline. Want more bass? Use the easy slider to add or subtract any of the instruments involved. I felt like a real composer in no time (ok I know I’m not but let me daydream). I really was able to make unique sounds. With SmartSound’s Multi Layer Music anything seemed possible. read more...

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