Do You Need HD in Your Toolkit?

Studio Monthly by Douglas Spotted Eagle

studio monthly The answer is a resounding yes... and right now!

Open any technology magazine and you’ll see the words "high definition" just about everywhere, with experts proclaiming the superiority of HD in some form or another. The advent of HDTV, at every level of the market, has been welcomed with booming acceptance. But the move from SD to HD has caught some producers off-guard, leaving them in the worst possible position: They can’t make difficult decisions quickly when a potential HD job comes along.

Are you one of them? If you’re not already firmly committed to HD, you need to hitch on to the HD horse-powered wagon right now before you get swept aside. The broadcast and corporate video industry has already been transformed by HD. What are you waiting for?

For reasons without number, the most important is to stay alive— to be competitive and current over the long haul. Media is rarely used once and discarded; more often it becomes part and parcel of other projects. Shooting in HD today assures you and your clients access to quality media in the future. read more...

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