dock10 relies on Avid Media Composer, Media Central and Nexis to meet customers’ evolving needs

Dock10 is on of the UK's leading television facilitys and one of Europe's top meiida services providers. Dock10's workflow's use Avid's products in every step of their workflow. If you want to learn more about Dock10 and Avid's partnership check out the article below

From Avid

“The versatility of the Avid platform has been a foundation in allowing us to evolve and adapt to our customers’ needs,” states Pdock10_900x457aul Clennell, Chief Technology Officer at dock10. “By providing new products, new workflows, and new capabilities for our customers, Avid is allowing dock10 to push the boundaries of what is in the market today.”

dock10 is the UK’s leading television facility and one of Europe’s top media services providers. Located in the heart of MediaCityUK, in Manchester, England, dock10 runs a 250,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art studios and post-production services. The company launched in 2011 as a key supplier to the BBC focusing on producing live sports and children’s content. Today, dock10 studios and post-production services are involved in the production of some of the UK’s most popular television shows, including Happy Valley, Match of the Day, and The Voice, as well as VFX-based commercials and corporate videos.

dock10 also manages the MediaCityUK network across its 36-acre campus, connecting more than 250 digital and creative businesses. Working in partnership with Avid, dock10 is expanding this network beyond the MediaCityUK campus into the global media production market. “As Avid delivers us new products we’re able to deliver new workflows and in turn provide new capabilities to our clients,” states Clennell. “This gives our customers the flexibility to adapt how they produce content and provides opportunities to produce content that previously may have been more

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